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As she shared, “One day, [my son] had a fever and my employer said, ‘If you walk out that door, don’t come back.’ That’s when I decided I needed to be in control of my professional environment so I could be there for my child.” Running a business and raising a child, it turned out, drew on some of the same skills. “You have to keep your eye on the prize, whether that’s running a business or rearing a child,” she said. When Hughes and second husband Dewey Hughes bought their own radio station in 1980, they were first rejected by 32 banks: every male loan officer said no.

A Puerto Rican female loan officer said yes on the 33rd try, and the couple purchased WOL, a small Washington, DC, station. Hughes and her husband split shortly after purchasing the station together, and Hughes bought her ex out, but the going was tough for a while. But my future security depended on my current initiative.” Her son shared her vision.

According to the government, under its watch, more than 20 television stations were established.

The Government did not however acknowledge that for almost two decades it deliberately restricted all from expanding their signals beyond the confined boundaries assigned them. The Government also did not tell the nation that it was only after the former President Jagdeo’s best friend, Dr.

Liggins grew up to become her business partner; together, mother and son grew a media company, Radio One, that has become an urban radio market leader, with 53 stations in 16 markets embracing hip-hop, R&B, rap, gospel, and talk-radio formats.

When the company went public in 1999, Hughes became the first African American woman to lead a publicly traded corporation.

It allowed Ramroop’s station, rebranded TVG, to extend its signal countywide, thus enjoying advantages over existing stations.As soon as Ramroop established Guyana Times, the Government conveniently returned State ads to the private newspapers.Most of the themes in Shakur's songs revolved around the violence and hardship in inner cities, racism, and other social problems. Apart from his career in music, Shakur was also an actor, starring in six films and one TV show in the 1990s, including Poetic Justice (1993), Gang Related (1997) and Gridlock'd (1997).Hughes and son deserve canonization for their million gift funding The Cathy Hughes School of Communications.A editorial said that Hughes is an icon blacks should “know and respect.” An example of the American Dream come true, Hughes is in the earnings league with Oprah and Beyoncé Knowles through hard work, grit, determination, a connection with and obedience to her God and belief in herself and her inner “family” and business colleagues. station WOL-AM with the help of a high-interest loan, which eventually caused her to lose her house and car.

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