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Do not install any patches yet 8) Merge registry entries for "Disable Auto Update" and "Index Entries Map" 9) Verify that the Cache Folders are on the X drive.

If they are in the C:\Program Data\App Recovery directory, you will need to run the "Repoint Cache Folders" and move them to the proper location on the X Drive.

This will also be the better route to go since they may have issues that the RRT tool can find and possibly not correct.

If client has encrypted data existing, please take the following steps: 1) Client 1st needs to unlock repository 2) Start Chkdsk checks via AASN Script 3) Review Chkdsk report located: \\software\App Assure\Chkdsk Reports If no errors, orphans or corruption are found you can proceed with the next steps 4) Pause all replication and verify no active jobs are running 5) Disable then stop the AA Core Service 6) Start upgrade to latest version 7) Once upgrade is done, install RRT Tool for that version.

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