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In most cases the game doesn’t even let you choose who you talk to (and when it does let you choose, there’s really only one correct choice that will allow you to proceed).The character you’re talking to will appear on the top screen, and your character will appear on the bottom.It’s like a “choose your own adventure” book where every choice but one forces you to start all over again (or cheat and just go back to where you messed up and try every possible choice from that point).While at first the game seems charming and fun, as you get toward the end of your week at Snow Bird (a winter resort where everyone seems to have one thing on their mind) you’ll realize that you’ve been doing the same things over and over again the entire time.

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If you make one wrong choice, though, it’s game over and you have to either resume from a checkpoint within the mission or start it all over again. While the core of the game is very weak, the aesthetics certainly hold their own.

Kara noted that the game contained sexually-charged dialog such as "Make sure you bring your life jackets, condoms," and "You wanna rock my mountains, don't you? The news report said that the error goes beyond just a wrong-box mix up, as the game cartridge itself is labeled with Petz branding.

Petrich says that Big Lots is not to blame, but she is pointing the finger at Ubisoft.

What Sprung ultimately boils down to is way too much trial and error.

The “gameplay” consists solely of conversing with people.

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