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She will then embark on a countrywide tour, taking in the legendary West Coast music festival Coachella: 'I’m way down at the bottom of the line-up,’ she says modestly, 'in small print.’ It all sounds as if it’s been a bit too good to be true; and, as Goulding reveals, in some ways it has.Soon after everything took off in late 2009 she began to feel frighteningly ill.

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Her next song "Price Tag" topped the charts in nineteen countries including the UK and was followed by the release of her debut album Who You Are (2011), which charted at number two in the UK.

Other releases from the album included "Nobody's Perfect", and "Who You Are", "Domino" and "Laserlight", which all charted within the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart, making Jessie J the first British female artist to have six top ten singles from a studio album.

They have a nice discussion on whether or not dance music is taken seriously, Skrillex's romantic life, his relationship with deadmau5 and much more.

Howard Stern asks the poignant question posed by many unfamiliar to the scene about why isn't dance music taken seriously.

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