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After weeks of hype, including breathless news releases, You Tube videos and a preordering campaign — Taco Bell released its top-secret innovation in a Super Bowl commercial that cost it millions.

The fast-food chain hyped the creation as bigger than a Mars landing, hoverboards and Tinder. A taco with cheese in the shell, dubbed the quesalupa.

Period,” she told reporters.“The chain of events that led to charges being filed against me did not begin with the printing of a newspaper article in the spring of 2014.

It did not even begin as I was sworn in as attorney general of this great commonwealth of Pennsylvania."“No, the chain of events that led to this moment began long before that, and it began with a group of state prosecutors and judges passing pornographic, racially offensive and religiously offensive emails amongst each other.

Since the show "Happy Days" I always associated "little black books" with players tools. I generally keep notes on any new contacts to seperate the fact from the fiction. I like to find out if someone is trying to feed me some load of crap before I take the time to meet them. and seriously - if I know I'm gonna be calling you within the next 24 hours and you give me your phone number, I write it on my hand.

God forbid if I take a shower before I have to call you.

Email traffic sent and received on government computers and on government time,” Kane said.

In December, the attorney general turned over what she called “a filthy chain” of one million emails from the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office dating back to 2008 to former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler, whom she appointed as a special prosecutor.

If I had a little black book, I'd probably forget where I put it. I had it since I was a teenager and it got filled from all the scratching out of numbers and changes of addresses.[Taco Bell is finally willing to do what all other fast-food companies are doing] Arellano says the quesalupa is essentially a taco gobernador, a cheesy taco generally served with fish.On a variety of levels there’s nothing innovative about the new taco.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. That was another reason for the note taking on my part.I had was for keeping track of people online lol I would get messages from people and not remember who they were or what specific things we had talked about, so I started making notes. Remembering that Big Bob was actually named Trevor and things like that, made it confusing. There is alot of take notes you can call them on it. I have to msg my friends to get their phone numbers every time I want to call them (ask Tia and she'll tell you the only numbers I have in my speed dial are the ones she put in there for me)...

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