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Mrs Young’s son Daryl tracked down Mrs Hunt to her present day home in East Harling, Norfolk, and arranged the reunion with her niece Trudi Innes.

Mrs Innes, who brought her aunt to Lowestoft in her car, said they were both emotional when they first caught sight of each other – having not seen one another in 62 years – at the Kingsley Healthcare-run home, where Mrs Young has been living since January.“They simply took each other’s hands and said hello. The pair, both now widowed and 86-years-old, had a lot to catch up on.

But Audrey Hunt had to say goodbye to her best friend Valerie Young when her husband Mick’s job in a high street bank took them to live in Stoke Newington, in London.

Mrs Young also left their childhood home of Bishop’s Stortford, in Hertfordshire, when her husband David’s job as an engineer took them to Edinburgh.

Yet few of its users were active users (unlike then-surging Facebook's), and 2007 was when growth slowed – by March 2008, when the site responded by removing its subscription fee, active user numbers had already dramatically fallen.

Pankhurst, who had parted ways with the site when it was sold to ITV, was offered the chance to try to breathe new life into Friends Reunited two years ago.

He said that he had been able to stem the site's decline, but that it had not been able to cover its costs, and that many of the contact details for the millions of users were out of date.

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