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These were thought to have been used on Focus "Classic" models and various overseas type models.These plates showing up on American Series guitars is somewhat of of a mystery, as we don't know if those were used for American Series guitars assembled in Japan, or if it was for another purpose.1 11/16” nut width with 1 5/8” string spacing allows a generous edge roll for superb comfort without string fall-off.Fairly slim with mild taper from 0.820” at 1st fret to 0.870” at the 12th fret.The extra width is welcome not just for players with big hands, but those who value more string spacing.1 3/4” nut width, slight edge roll, medium taper from 0.830” to 0.960”.

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A few popular books state that the serial numbers re-started with V0000001 when the new Corona, Ca factory opened. If you look at my fullerton inventory, you can see that this is just a broad generality.

Fender American Vintage Reissue Stratocasters have serial numbers that begin at V000001 in 1982 and are now approaching V200000 in 2008.

Each American Reissue Stratocaster that left the factory had one of these V serial numbers stamped into the neckplate.

Autry, aka the “Singing Cowboy,” went on to become hugely popular and had an unprecedented career in entertainment that spanned three decades. If these youngsters were to be like their hero, they, too, would fight for what is right.

He recorded more than 300 records and appeared on radio and television, but he is best remembered for starring in 93 movies. Tens of thousands of those same fans became young men in the early 1940s who went on to be real-life heroes as soldiers fighting in World War II, many of whom gave their lives to protect America and the folks back home.

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