An error occurred while consolidating disks msg fileio lock

In Veeam Backup, on our View environment, deduplication ratio achieved x3,7 (for “thick” machines intended for developers).We are also holders of extensive private cloud based on v Cloud Director, the ability to safely perform a backup of the environment is very important to us (and this functionality has Veeam Backup).As I am testing several third party backup tools, this morning I stumbled upon a failed backup.No snapshot present on the VM which could not be backed up – but a yellow mention in the VI client: “Configuration Issues – Virtual Machine disks consolidation is needed“.

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Die detaillierte Fehlermeldung ließ auf ein aktives Locking schließen: Mir ist aufgefallen, dass die betroffene virtuelle Maschine auch über einen Snapshot verfügte – und da dämmerte mir, was diesen Snapshot erstellt hat: meine Backup-Appliance, Quantum vm PRO.

Diese Warnungsmeldung erscheint hin und wieder, wenn man Backup-Lösungen, wie Veeam Backup oder Quantum vm PRO einsetzt.

Die Lösung war in meinem Fall ganz banal – das fehlerhafte Locking war dem Absturz meines NFS-Servers geschuldet.

Use Process Restore to undo recent process changes.

Standard application shouldn’t be capable to cause blue screens – if an application crashes, it is going to do so without taking the operating process out with it.

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