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It will try to download and install additional files if your linux doesn't already have them.

N7ZXP - Lane - Wenatchee, Washington W7JFJ - Bill - Cashmere, Washington W3ZDF - John - Jeanette, Pa.This award is for using IT to advance communications in the industry, I am miles ahead of those The Smarta 100 are the most exciting, promising, disruptive new businesses, the family businesses who remain the cornerstones of communities, the innovators ploughing their own furrows in staid or declining industries, the recession-busters making a mockery of the doom and gloom, the web wonders, the teenpreneurs, mumpreneurs, olderpreneuers and, er, just about anyone who's running a small business worth shouting about. She has one of the most visually full-on, brightly coloured, graffiti-effect-laden websites you've ever seen.Frankly, it looks like a total car crash - but that's precisely the point.".Before running, change the value of the variable " to the ip address from IP Webcam in the script.Make sure the computer is connected to the Internet when you run the script the first time.

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