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For those of you who have yet to realize the lie of contemporary society blinding you to the truth of deadly vaccines and Area 51, let us explain.

“It’s not an insult to me, but some people might feel that way.”When asked about the differences between LGBTQ dating and straight dating, Waterfill laughed.“For me, it’d be so easy to find a guy,” Waterfill said. I would assume it’s a lot easier if you’re straight.”Instead of approaching strangers or going online, Waterfill typically goes on dates set up by her other LGBTQ friends, since she says, “it’s easier that way.”Even when a LGBTQ person meets another single and gets past the phase described by Eydam as “is she gay, is he gay, is it going to happen?

But if you participate in it, you need to know that it rarely, if ever, leads to something more meaningful. If you engage in casual sex with men, Even if he is spending every night cuddling with you, giving you gifts, and making wild, passionate love to you; if he has told you he isn't interested in a relationship, you probably won't ever be anything more than a hookup for him.

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(Admittedly, it takes a while to discover the facts there, given their control of the media and method of hiding out within their secret citadel in the Earth’s hollow core.) But Awake Dating allows users to find love, free of the judgment of small-minded simpletons who refuse to see the Marxist propaganda that drives their oppressive multicultural zealotry.

It’s important for awake individuals to network with other like-minded souls in ways outside of romance as well, which is why Fidden created “Awake City,” a “virtually rendered 3D environment where members can meet.” It’s a lot easier to hold discussions exposing the work of forgery known as The Diary Of Anne Frank when you don’t have to worry about passers-by calling it “crazy talk.” Daily Dot writer Jaya Saxena was thoroughly vetted during her research, but we tried our best to give her the relevant info, as she notes: I was accused of working for a place that has a “culturally Marxist” bias.

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