Free peep webcams

Chinese camera specialist Gsou has new anti-peep USB webcams.

Each anti-peep cam is equipped with a robotic arm that automatically covers the camera lens as soon as a video conference session ends.

If you have a specific device you are wanting to cover, feel free to Contact Us.

Peep Shield's work great to cover the front facing cameras on: TV's, Laptop's, Monitor's with built in webcams, i Phone, Smart Phone's, i Pod's, i Pad's, and Tablet's.

Once you are finished, replace Peep Shield™ for your privacy.

We offer Peep Shield™ Seamless and Peep Shield™ Design webcam covers.

This film from director Chris Atteshlis, while not telling us all that much, showed us what life is like for three young women who spend their days (new verb, this) "webcamming".

First up, we met Sammie, a ringer for Fresh Meat's magnificent Vod with a line in pathos worthy of Alan Bennett.

Visit the site of Opentopia for hundreds of streaming webcams all over the world. In a special chapter (scroll down) you find dozens of search commands to use with Google, and you find thousands of sometimes very surprising webcams, anywhere.

It doesn’t require much technical know-how; users just need to create an account to get limited access into people’s webcams.

(Those willing to pay can get unlimited access.) A quick search revealed a range of screenshots, from a woman cleaning a living room to a group of people drinking in a bar in Hungary.

As chance would have it, the baleful shadow of the Independent's managing editor appeared on my screen just as I watched the first few, lingerie-heavy, minutes of The Truth About Webcam Girls (BBC3).

Despite protestations that this was a serious review about a serious documentary, the BBC3 ident blew my cover on that front and I felt it was best to watch the following 57 minutes at home. Webcam girls are performers who strip (and more) in front of their PCs in return for premium-rate fees.

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